Écija, the most beautiful town in Seville

Museums, Manors, Churches & Convents

Écija is full of charming places that are well worth a visit; It has 13 churches, most of them in the Baroque style, 7 convents, 10 palaces of great tourist attraction and 5 museums, the most prominent being the City Museum of History of Écija .

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From the Plaza de España to the City Museum of History of Écija, passing through the Royal Alcázar of Écija, endless archaeological history is collected.

The Roman Pool, the Wounded Amazon and the most relevant mosaics stand out.

The City of the Horse

Écija has positioned itself as The City of the Horse and has multiple herds and riding clubs.

In the Stables of Palace of Benamejí, dating from the 18th century, is the Audiovisual Interpretation Center, where a 180-degree light and sound show is projected to publicize the Roman history and the equestrian history of Écija in two documentaries 9 minutes long.

Holy Week

One of the most important festivals in Écija is Holy Week, declared of «National Tourist Interest». Every year the city receives visitors from all over the world to see its traditional images processed. Among them are the Cristo de la Yedra, the Cristo de la Salud, the Cristo de la Sangre, the Cristo de la Expiración, or the Santo Entierro.